The New Challenges of Brand Content,  by Thomas Jamet

book-cover_les nouveaux defis du brand content

I just read Thomas Jamet’s The New Challenges of Brand Content book, and from now on it’s one of my bibles ! I found it very inspiring. Published in March 2013, the book provides keys to know all the main principles of Brand Content.


What we learn from the book

Reading the book, we understand that Brand Content is “what good advertising should be” as Olivier Altmann, Co-President of Publicis Conseil in charge of Creation, sums up. It’s a smart way to get consumers attention nowadays, as most people are fed up with traditional ads which are not trustworthy to them.

We also learn that Brand Content is not a medium, or a tool but a kind of strategy which is stronger combined to the traditional ones such as TV (yes, the 30 seconds TV spot is not dead !), Print, Digital, PR, Outdoor, etc. Actually, Brand Content should be part of a POE Media (Paid, Owned, Earned) strategy.

Brand Content can be more or less interactive and engaging. Engagement is the key to improve brand visibility and consumers loyalty, so it’s good for brands businesses as it also increases sales. Storytelling focused on emotions really helps to create engaging campaigns.

As for Brand Content future, Thomas Jamet thinks it will become more and more important in brands Ads campaigns. It will also probably merge with technology and Social Media. To him, Droga5 agency is a good example of how Brand Content will be managed by communication professionals in the future.


What makes the book that interesting

Lots of french famous communication specialists enrich the book with their expertises. Olivier Altmann, who wrote the preface of the book ; Stéphane Hugon, who has a Sociology PHD, provides interesting consumer insights ; Daniel Bô who is the most well known expert of Brand Culture in France, who also founded the QualiQuanti Institute (btw, his books are on my “to-read” list) ; & Vincent Balusseau, ex- Managing Director of the agency Première Heure and now Marketing teacher. His discussion with Thomas Jamet sheds light on realistic consumers behaviours.

After a first part which is mainly theorical, Thomas Jamet’s book becomes more and more concrete. It is full of best cases analysis which is great to understand all theorical concepts. Among them there are the emblematic ones, such as Cartier L’Odyssée, Red Bull Stratos, Coca-Colas Polar Bear, Coca-Cola Superbowl, Amex Unstaged, Metro Dumb Ways To Die, Burberry Art of the Trench & Mont Blanc Beauty of a Second.

Plus, many methodologies are proposed to help communication professionals. One of the best, is KPIs which make us able to evaluate any Brand Content campaign, even if as Daniel Bô said marketing professionals always have to adapt their actions because “we don’t know in advance how big the success of a campaign will be.”

This book is a great tool for any communication professional. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Brand Content matters.


Thomas Jamet’s blog.




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