Wondering if you should invest in a Brand Content Strategy ? Ask the right question.

You’re already charmed by Brand Content. Brand Content sounds good. You’ve heard about it a few times. Why not giving it a try !

Brands, Brand Content does sounds good and it is, depending on a lot of different things. As Socrate said, “Wisdom begins in wonder”. Here is an interesting question : Do your consumers want to foster a relationship with your brand ?

Vincent Balusseau, a French Marketing Teacher, says in the book The New Challenges of Brand Content (See the review), that brands don’t have an equal potential to benefit from Brand Content. Consumers see so many brands everyday that they are overwhelmed. Among all the products they see, they only pay attention to a few of them. So, consumers don’t feel like increasing their relationship with all brands.

Brand Content should help you to reach your business and marketing objectives, but it is not always the right answer.

Like Social Media few years ago, Brand Content is ‘in vogue’ today. Back then, you could hear that kind of thing : “Sure, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. Our Community Manager is taking care of all this”. Then, brands realized that Social Media didn’t kill traditional marketing, that digital didn’t kill brick and mortars but also that even if digital offers a lot of data about consumers it’s still complicated to use them properly. Brands and marketing professionals don’t want to miss any opportunity, and being more and more digital, the marketing rules change faster than ever. Well, it’s better to be late than to rush into something useless. I agree with Vincent Balusseau when he says brands should give more importance to what consumers want TODAY.

At the other hand, Brand Content is obviously a great strategy  for some brands. Luxury and automotive brands usually take advantage of it. Why ? Because luxury brands can rely on their wide brand culture, and automotive brands are able to create powerful interactive experiences.

But I’m convinced that even though some brands don’t theoretically have the potential to create impactful Brand Content campaigns, they can do so. Brand Content is not an end in itself, it’s a way to reach your marketing goals. To succeed brands have to be creative !

To answer the question  Do your consumers want to foster a relationship with your brand, you need to know them, their habits, but you also need to know what you want them to think about you, what you want to share with them, what you want to offer them… In other words, you’ll have to think of the kind of relationship you want to create.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the essentials of marketing.

The Content Marketing Institute document “The essentials of a documented Content Marketing Strategy – 36 questions to answer” should help you to mature your thinking.


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