Where to find peace on earth ? Try Nimbin, NSW Australia

Have you ever wanted to run away, to blink your eyes and to wake up in a desert island ? I do sometimes. Next time it happens, I’ll think of Nimbin.

Nimbin is a tiny town around Byron Bay and Lismore, NSW Australia. It is famous for its peace way of life. Sustainable, Ethical and Local are the key values of Nimbin. The town also hosted the Aquarius Festival in 1973 which attracted students, hippies and visionaries all over Australia. The ideology of the Aquarius Festival is still present in Nimbin today.

“May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you.” Aquarius Festival Anthem adapted from the original string band song by Paul Joseph.

The town looks like a rainbow. There are colours everywhere and everything looks like in the 1970’s , whether it’s the buildings fronts or clothes people wear. Everybody’s smiling. The spirit of Nimbin is striking !

Montains around are marvellous, we feel secure with them around us as if nature was protecting the little town. Sometimes, even when the night comes, the main street is alive. We can hear drums beating in the heart of the town. This is one of the most spiritual experience I’ve ever had. People are in a trance, dancing without caring about how they move. Almost all of them is barefoot, even the kids.

It’s so pleasant to wake up and the first thing you hear it’s birds singing. Especially in Nimbin where spirituality is everywhere. It’s like the town unlocks something is its visitors mind. People are so friendly. I remember the waitress of a ‘cafe’, a middle aged pink-haired woman dressed in a vintage dress. Once again, it’s like time has stopped, like a flashback. Kids play with their parents in the nature, there is no screen or any other technological device.

Nimbin is like no other town, it is a unique place. I’ll try to keep the peace I brought with me when I left Nimbin as long as I can. Now, let’s go back to the real world.


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