A website to bring culture to your doorstep

Remember Uni ? The best years of your life you may think. Well, with Open Culture, you can bring university back home and feed your brain with digest cultural lectures. 

Open Culture is a website led by Dan Colman who worked in the learning world for several years. He also has a PhD and a MA from Stanford.

The idea, as the name of the website indicates, is to virtually open some universities doors and to easily access culture provided. Audios, videos, images, texts… Not only there are many topics available but you also can choose how to learn.

So, how does it work ? Basically, you first need to connect to the website www.openculture.com, then you can choose the topic you want to study in the “Online Courses” section, and finally you download the lectures on your device. Most of the time, when you download the courses from a mobile device, you will need to download an app (like iTunes U) and all your podcasts and files will be saved there. Once your courses are downloaded, you can access them anytime with no internet connexion needed.

The lectures are made for students so they are educational and complete. Plus they are free ! Although, you can get confused when the podcasts are not put in the chronological order or frustrated when the speaker forgets he is recorded and he’s too far away from the mike so you can’t hear everything he is saying. But if you get lost, you still can consult the additional materials provided.

Since now I’ve studied Classical Mythology and The Interview from La Trobe University (Australia) and it’s only the beginning of my e-learning journey !


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