And the winner of the Branded Content & Entertainment Lion is ….

Big day today in the entertaining world of branded content, the 2015 Cannes Lions shortlist of the category Branded Content and Entertainment is online. In other words, an overview of the worldwide greatest branded content campaigns of 2014 & 2015 is available on the website of the International Festival of Creativity Cannes Lions.

Looking at those inspiring campaigns, I was thinking of the jury’s cornelian choice. Which campaign deserve the Golden Lion this year ? Which content should be nominated king in Cannes ? I tried to put myself in the jury’s shoes and after careful consideration the winner is …

Vangardist Magazine and Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland for the HIV+ issue.

What is it about ?

Three HIV-positive people, a.k.a the #HIVHeroes, donated blood to Vangardist Magazine so it can be mixed with red ink and used to print the May edition.

The aim ?

To raise awareness of HIV stigmatization and to stand up against irrational fears surrounding the virus. (read more about it)

Why do they deserve to win ?

Because it’s daring. Unlike most of the participants, this is a print content. It’s old fashion but also very innovative because of the use of HIV-positive people blood.

But most of all, because it’s engaging. The experience with the product is physical so it’s even more engaging than a virtual content.  Thanks to that special issue, Vangardist Magazine wins by creating a conversation around HIV.


Real verdict tomorrow !


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