Matthys Gerber exhibited in Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney

“The first exhibition that I saw that had a great impact on me was a Salvador Dalí exhibition in Rotterdam. My grandmother took me to see it and it was then that I decided that I wanted to be an artist.”

Matthys Gerber was born in Delft in the Netherlands in 1956. After six years living in Denmark and eight years in Holland, he followed his parents in Australia.

“I saw exhibitions of Pop Art, COBRA, Surrealism and lots of very dark, romantic images of older European art. When I came here [in Australia] there was a lack of that. The art world seemed to have started in the 1960s with primarily American influences”

Both influenced by European and Aboriginal Art, the work of Matthys Gerber mixes different genres. From photorealism to geometric abstraction, the artist does not confine himself to only one artistic technic. He works primarily with painting and photography to create landscapes, portraitures and still life. The result is colorful and intriguing. It blurs the boundary between abstraction and representation.

The first few years in Australia were difficult for Matthys Gerber. Conservative critics didn’t welcome his art with open arms at first, but over the years the critical reaction to his art grew kinder, which allowed him to achieve international status.

Matthys Gerber
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Until 6 December 2015




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