Picasso would be 134 years old

“Cubist? Surrealist? Communist? Not really. He created cubism, he has been closed to surrealists and he owned a card of the Communist Party, but the greatest painter of 20th century cannot be labeled. Complex, versatile and constantly metamorphosing, polymorphous artist and dynamic lover, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) has followed, in his life and in his work, not any other rule than his own”, says Gilles Plazy who wrote the biography of Pablo Picasso published in 2006.

Today, Pablo Picasso would be 134 years old. If Pablo Picasso were not born in October 25th 1881, we never would have had the chance to get to know his work, his paintings, his sculptures, and his designs. There would not have been any “Blue” period, any “Pink” period, or any Cubists. We would not have discovered his colorful and geometric paintings, and the powerful messages behind them. Les Pauvres en bord de mer (1903), La jeune fille à la Corneille (1904), Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907), Baigneuse jouant au ballon (1932), Guernica (1937), all those masterpieces would not have existed. What a loss for the world!

Claimed to be a “degenerate” artist by the Nazis during the war, Pablo Picasso remains unarguably an iconic figure of the 20th century. Remarkably independent-minded and clear-sighted, the Spanish painter always looked outside the box.

“The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?”

Pablo Picasso would still be right about that today. In a world where being different has never been perceived in a positive light, let’s remember that what makes the world rich and interesting is the personality, the oddness, the difference.

Today, the famous and unique artist deserves a tribute. Pablo Picasso, Happy Birthday!

Pablo Picasso biography


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